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Asotom - Oops!


Region: Piedmont

Grapevine: Freisa 100%

Alcohol content: 14%.

FoodMatching: All Meals, Cold Cuts and Cheeses , Creams and Soups

Oops! It's so good that the bottle is already finished!

One quiet evening, we sit at a table tasting a bottle of
Ops with the intention of finding a name for the new white label line; many
ideas are shared while studying the new flavours and fragrances; I wonder
no another glass, I take the bottle and "Oops! it's already finished!".
Here it is! Found it! - Oops! has become the name of the line.

The white line Ops includes wines vinified and aged only in steel, wines
fragrant, fresh, ... drinkable.
They are wines designed to be "tuttopasto" and hold up well to aging
in the bottle.

Asotom - Oops!