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Cascina Fontana - Nebbiolo zero solfiti - Triple A 2019


Region: Piedmont

Grape variety: Nebbiolo

Alcohol content : 14%.

Food Match: Red Meats, Cold Cuts and Cheeses, Wild Game


The Rosso of Cantina Fontana is a refined red wine, atypical, but still a faithful expression of the territory. From a maceration with part of the stems, which give it nerve and tension, from a vinification in wood, which makes it agile and gritty, together with the great elegant and austere side of the main grape of the territory.


Try innovation with tradition and pair this "unconventional" wine with Piedmont on a plate. Veal with tuna sauce, tongue in red sauce, agnolotti pasta, gnocchi with castelmagno cheese, finanziera or mixed boiled meats, the Rosso di Cascina Fontana will not only hold its own, but will also make your taste buds enjoy it to the full.

Cascina Fontana - Nebbiolo zero solfiti - Triple A 2019