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Barracco - Catarratto 2018


Region: Sicily

Grape variety: Catarratto

Alcoholic strength: 12%.

Food Match: Aperitifs, Fish dishes, Creams and Soups

aging in steel

The idea of producing the first wine "Barracco was born in 2016 when Roberto Bruno came into contact with the world of natural wine, remaining fascinated. A year later, when the collaboration with the agronomist Ennio Gugliotta, current consultant of the company, is tightened, the project of the Barracco" natural wine. And so it is that from the pruning to the grape harvest and every phase of cultivation is rigorously carried out by the wise hand of man.
As well as during vinification, we abstain from the use of any chemical substance, relying entirely and exclusively on the attention and care during fermentation and the subsequent stages of the transformation of grapes into wine. The product thus obtained is, therefore, a natural wineThe product thus obtained is, therefore, a typical expression of a territory, the result of a careful selection of the vineyards, derived from the spontaneous fermentation of the chosen grapes without any kind of addition of chemical substances, in full respect of nature and the vineyard and, at the same time, of the consumer, as the producer wants.

Barracco - Catarratto 2018