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Costaldila - 280 slm 2019


Region: Veneto

Grape variety: Malvasia, Verdiso, Glera, Bianchetta Trevigiana

Alcohol content: 11%.

Food pairing: Aperitif, Cold cuts and cheese


Costadilà's 280 slm Bianco Frizzante is a full and juicy sparkling macerated white wine. It takes its name from the 280 metres above sea level of the vineyard from which it comes. The scents of yellow fruit blend perfectly with those of citrus and flint. Its softness and abundance is well balanced by freshness and excellent persistence.


When it's time for a snack, the 280 slm Bianco Frizzante combined with the simplicity of a nice sandwich topped with extra-virgin olive oil, oregano and tomatoes will be the perfect authenticity bomb to brighten your afternoon.

Costaldila - 280 slm 2019