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Giotto Bini - Serragghia Fanino Rosso 2018


Region: Sicily (Pantelleria)

Grape variety: Catarratto and Pignatello

Alcohol content: 13%.

Food Match: Fish, White Meats

Serragghia Rosso Fanino comes from a blend of a white grape, such as Cataratto, and a red one, Pignatello. The grapes come entirely from the Serragghia district, all planted with saplings and cultivated without any chemical or synthetic products. The volcanic soil on which the vines rest, and the marine influence of the island give the wine a deep and three-dimensional salinity, the real strength of Gabrio's products. In the cellar, as in the vineyard, we proceed without any oenological help and in fact the fermentation takes place only with the intervention of indigenous yeasts and without the addition of sulphur dioxide at any stage of the winemaking process. Refinement takes place in buried terracotta amphorae and lasts about 7 months. There is no filtration or clarification before bottling.

The Fanino Serragghia Rosso wine already announces its originality from its colour, showing a dress between pink and red, veiled since it does not undergo filtrations. The nose is a dive into the sea from the rocks, iodine and wind intertwine with the spicy and crunchy contribution provided by the Pignatello, while immediately afterwards salt capers emerge, typical of the Pantelleria scrub. The taste is an emotional rush of salt and freshness, it is almost impalpable but so present and long both on the palate and in the memory of the drinker. This is a red wine that is not a red wine, with an almost boundless gastronomic versatility. Histrionic and inaudible.

Giotto Bini - Serragghia Fanino Rosso 2018