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Le Roche - Roche 2004


Region: Piedmont

Grape variety: Barbera, Dolcetto and Cabernet Carbon PIWI

Alcohol content: 15%.

Food Match: Red meat, Game, Matured cheese

The farm Le Roche is located on the hill of San Luigi with a view on the pretty hills of Dogliani and Langhe. So the farm is located in Piedmont and is a few kilometers from Barolo and then the Langhe, precisely we are in the town of Dogliani. The municipality is famous for Dolcetto, a typical high quality grape variety of the territory. Le Roche comprises 24 hectares of land, 7 of which are vineyards. The oldest vines, always productive, are 3 hectares in all and are over 40 years old, the ideal premise for a long-lasting and nutritious wine. The old vines produce a grape of better quality and taste because they have a lower production yield and therefore the substances of the soil are concentrated in a few bunches, balancing and concentrating at the same time aromas and tastes.

The company has been producing wine since 1993 and has always grown organically and has always made wine in a natural way, that is, the alcoholic fermentation of the wine has always been spontaneous without added yeasts, the latter modify the aroma and taste of the wine itself, without filtration and clarification, with very little sulfur added, or about 40 mg / l. (sulfur is an allergy to allergies). (sulphur dioxide is an allergen, sulphites, which are bad for the body and the head).

Each vintage is a new adventure and experience. Every year nature gives grapes that have the basis for a fabulous wine, but always different from the previous year. This means that the wines vary in flavor from year to year.
Young vines are still pruned leaving few buds, reducing the quantity per plant to less than 500g per square metre.

Le Roche - Roche 2004