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Le Strie - Sassifraga 2018


Region: Lombardy

Grape variety: Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca) 95%, Rossola, Pignola and Brugnola 5%.

Alcohol content: 13%.

Food Match: Cold cuts and cheese, Red meat, Seasoned cheese

The Nebbiolo "Sassifraga" of the winery Le Strie is a tribute to the territory and to that pleasantness given by drinking a good wine in company. In fact, its name derives from a succulent plant that, towards the middle of June, blooms among the rocks of the typical terraces of Valtellina. It is a Nebbiolo proposed in its youngest and freshest version, characterized by a great ease of drinking that makes it extremely convivial and straightforward. It wants to be a realistic and no-frills picture of the Valtellina territory. Azienda Agricola Le Strie is run by 4 winemakers, a couple from Veneto and one from Rome, who decades ago bought a little more than a hectare of vineyards to produce wine as a hobby. An activity that over the years has borne fruit and from a simple hobby has become a work of sacrifice and great passion. This is how the bottles signed Le Strie are born, like this Rosso "Sassifraga", a 100% Valtellina juice.

"Sassifraga" Le Strie is composed of Nebbiolo for 95%, while the remaining part is divided between very small quantities of local varieties such as Rossola, Pignola and Bugnola. Most of the grapes used for this very special blend come from the two subzones Sassella and Valgella. The harvest is carried out in the month of October. The bunches, once transported to the cellar, are pressed and destemmed. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel containers, as well as the ageing phase which lasts about 7 months. This is followed by a final phase of maturation in the bottle for a period of 4 months.

Le Strie Nebbiolo "Sassifraga" has a ruby red colour. The red fruit, cherry, mountain herbs and earthy notes of undergrowth punctuate the bouquet. In the mouth it is fresh and rich in juice, with well managed tannins and a precious mineral finish. The components play in a perfect balance to give a extraordinary drinkability. Recommended pairing: friends and Valtellina vineyards in the background.

Le Strie - Sassifraga 2018