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Podere Cipolla - Rosa dei Venti 2019


Region: Emilia Romagna

Grape variety: Lambrusco Graparossa and Malbo Gentile

Alcohol content: 11%.

Food Match: Cold cuts and cheese, Meat dishes

The Lambrusco "Rosa dei Venti" produced by Denny Bini's Podere Cipolla is a delicate red/pink sparkling wine re-fermented in the bottle, made with the grapes of the native red grape variety Lambrusco Grasparossa, with the addition of a small quantity of Malbo Gentile. The result is a sur lie sparkling wine with a typically Emilian appearance, both in terms of the nature of the vines and the production technique. It is a rosé that is easy and pleasant to drink, simple and straightforward, with delicate fruit and avery satisfying and expressive freshness.

The "Rosa dei Venti" Lambrusco of Podere Cipolla is an interesting interpretation of the tradition of the territory, created by Denny Bini, an original vigneron who cultivates 3 hectares in Coviolo, on the hills of the Reggio Emilia area, which rise towards the Apennines. In the small estate are cultivated the native vines of the territory: Lambrusco Grasparossa, Malvasia, Spergola and Malbo Gentile. The vines are managed according to the rules of organic farming, with great attention to the surrounding environment and the preservation of a rich biodiversity. The vines of Lambrusco Grasparossa and Malbo Gentile are about 15 years old and were planted on clayey loam soil, particularly suitable for red grapes. After soft pressing, the must is vinified in white in steel tanks, using only indigenous yeasts. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle without final disgorgement and without any filtering, clarification or stabilization procedures.

The wine "Rosa dei Venti" is a sparkling wine re-fermented in the bottle by Denny Bini. In the glass it has a seductive amaranth pink dress slightly veiled and with a delicate and lively froth. The olfactory profile expresses floral scents, with notes of wild flowers, aromas of strawberry, cherry and small red berry fruit, winey hints of must, herbs and bread crust. The taste is pleasantly flowing, lively and drinkable, with a crisp and juicy fruit, which pleasantly accompanies towards a very refreshing finish. Perfect for the everyday table!

Podere Cipolla - Rosa dei Venti 2019