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Podere le Boncie - 5


Region: Tuscany

Grape variety: Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Mammolo, Fogliatonda, Colorino

Alcohol content: 12,5%.

Food Match: Meat dishes, Red Meats

5 is a perfect number.

5 are the grapes in this wine of Podere Le Boncie (even if Sangiovese takes the lion's share, flanked by Ciliegiolo, Mammolo, Fogliatonda and Colorino).

5 is the grade - the almost sufficient that Giovanna Morganti first gave it.

A wine apparently crushed by the weight of the popularity of its older brother Le Trame, but over time has been able to carve out a space for itself among those who love meaty, all-in-one-siphon wines. Good acidity, lots of juice and enjoyment.

Podere le Boncie - 5