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Not only wine shop, Flor | Born to be wine is the rebirth of the neighborhood shop.

A kaleidoscopic and dynamic space characterized by an immediate and spontaneous soul. There are two essential cards to bet on to make the difference: research and quality.

More than 300 bottles of natural wine - including well-known names and curious novelties - a careful selection of cold meats and cheeses (Italian and foreign) prepared on sight and also delicious regional Italian dishes in pots. Everything is personally selected by the producers, always looking forcraftsmanship and uniqueness in each product offered.

So Flor | Born to be wine rewrites the canons of the bistrot showing itself as a place capable of being a meeting point and above all of comparison on the world of wine and food, natural and ethical it means. In technical jargon, "flor" is the layer of yeast that forms spontaneously in unfilled barrels, a sort of veil under which the wine refines and transforms over time, so Flor. will become an incubator and promoter of an increasingly aware and responsible consumption of products that respect nature and are good for our health, while having fun.

A place where we can feel good and at home.